Review Module Unit 1


  1. 能够听懂并准确说出以下词汇或词组: straight, right, left, live, street, supermarket, beside, cinema, train, near, house, read, these, picture, take, children, listen, talk, China, kid, can, see, interesting, people, boat, men, between, drink, clock, hungry, draw, jump, sing, run, fast, sky, high, far, afraid, strong, star.
  2. 能够听懂、运用以下句型问路、指路:Turn left. Go straight on. Turn right. It’s at the station.
  3. 能够听懂、运用以下句型描述照片、活动:She’s reading a book. He’s taking pictures. What are you doing? I’m listening to music.
  4. 能够听懂、运用以下句型描述发生在公园和马戏团的活动:What are they doing? They’re playing chess. What’s the elephant doing?
  5. 能够听懂、运用以下句型谈论能力的话题:Can you run fast? Yes, I can. Can you jump high? No, I can’t. Can Sam play football?
  6. 能够听懂、运用以下句型讲述自己的旅行或计划:I’m going to visit my grandma. We’re going to swim. Sam is going to ride a horse.